Sneak peak!

Here is a brief snippet from Escape down under….


I look up from my computer screen and glare at the queen bitch stood in front of me. I wondered how long it would take until she would be sharpening her claws and clicking her stilettos around my office. Not long enough by the looks of things. It would seem she has made it her sole purpose In life to taunt me at every possible opportunity. I don’t even give her the pleasure of a response and resume typing out my email. I sense her eyes burning into me some more so I briefly look up once again. She doesn’t look like she is about to go anywhere so I give in.
‘Stella, to what do I owe the pleasure?’

I’m trying here, really I am. My jaw is clenching tighter and tighter but I still keep my calm. Much to ones surprise. I will not let this super psycho bitch get to me!! Nope, not one little bit. Truthfully it’s only my pride and sheer fear of being someone’s bitch that stops me from ramming her delectable jimmy choos down her throat. The thought however is very pleasing to my imagination.
‘Oh Jess, you’re so naive, and for a focused successful business woman? I would have expected a little more dignity from you.’
As her eyebrows try to shoot upwards I can’t help but feel smug inside and thank all things Botox. I was at a point in my life where I was quite happy with my appearance, however if I ever considered Botox I would think back on this day and be reminded that constipation isn’t a look I want to aim for.
‘Do you really think now he’s had you that he’ll stick around? He doesn’t do relationships, he never has and he never will sweetheart. Trust me.’ she purrs. ‘I have been around long enough to know him and I know he doesn’t do commitment. Obviously if he did, do you really think he would be flashing his puppy dog eyes at the likes of you. Especially when there are clearly better options available for him?’

** Please note scenes can be changed before time of publishing.


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