Twisting Fate (fate #2) review

I’ll always find you, ’till death do us part…

A fantastic 5***** read!!!


So anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely adore Charisse Spiers and her writing is the perfect icing on the cake.

I completely fell in love with her debut Accepted Fate

Now, let me start of by saying how distraught I was at the end of Accepted Fate and couldn’t wait to find out more after THAT ending… Charisse definitely didn’t disappoint with the next instalment of the Fate series. I felt every kind of emotion possible whilst reading Twisting Fate, from hurt to anger, elation and excitement to name just a few.

Twisting Fate picks up directly from where Accepted Fate ended and once again Charisse captures your mind through her story telling and leaves you wanting more.

Seriously I could go into a whole low down on specific events and I really want to… But I’d hate to be the party pooper, I think it’s only fair that you experience this for yourselves.

One word I will say is: EMOTIONAL!!!

I’m really looking forward to reading Lasting Fate to see what happens next.
Charisse hurry up and keep them coming… Pretty please ā¤



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