Seeking Nirvana – V.L Brock

“Alright darlin…”


Have you read this yet?
Bloody hell, if you haven’t you definitely need to bump it up on your TBR and make sure that it’s the next book you read.

Seeking Nirvana was an absolute pleasure to read. I was captivated right from the very first page. Be warned, you will get goosebumps throughout.

First we meet Kady when she has just woken from a coma and lost three years of her life… Just like that, all of the memories that she made within those three years have vanished.
Confused? Scared? Unsure? A big fat yes to all three, but what will it take to unlock the hidden truths of her past and what will she discover?

We soon meet Irish… Hello sexy!!! You will love him instantly. Definitely a new hot book boyfriend of mine and because I’m quite generous I’m willing to share him with you. ❤️
To be honest I’m quite tempted to go out and look for my very own Irish, but I don’t think my hubby would be too happy about that so instead I’m relishing in everything Victoria creates.

This was my first dark read and it really had me gripped. Victoria keeps you guessing throughout and the webs of mystery that she creates are utterly flawless and this book is beautifully written too.

I cannot wait for Eluding Nirvana to see what happens next. I know that it’s going to be just as good as book one if not more enthralling.

From me, this book gets a mahoosive five big IRISHLY sexy stars from me!!!!

Be sure to add it to your Goodreads

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