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Obsession knows no bounds…

Anna Jameson can’t wait to escape the hell hole that her cousin has left her in. Desperate to escape her past, the idea of moving to stay with Holly whilst she got her head together sounded like the perfect plan… Until Holly upped and left, leaving Anna to pick up the mess that she left behind.

Jensen Blake knows what he wants and will not be told otherwise. Obedience and control are what he knows best. With demons of his own, he has spent most of his adult life traveling from place to place the moment things started to become predictable.

When Jensen and Anna are pushed together, an instant dislike simmers between them. Anna hates bad boys. She has witnessed enough of them to last her a lifetime.

The sexual attraction between them is evident but will that only make things harder for them both to handle?

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Slade (Walk of Shame #1) – Victoria Ashley

“I’ll fuck you so good that my cock will be the only one you ever fucking think about again. Let me show you.”

Holy fucking hell, for the love of all things holy I need to get me my own Slade Merrick!!!

I know, I know. I’m extremely late in leaving a review… However, for anyone who has by chance missed this USA Today and New York Times best seller , it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!!!

Where do I start?
Everyone loves an Alpha, and boy what an Alpha he is. I was hooked from page one.


I’m a sucker for a bad boy, especially a damaged one. Victoria Ashley definitely has a wicked way with words that suck you right in. Straight from the first page I knew this was going to be an amazing read.

Slade is fierce, hot and you would be proud as hell to take the #walkofshame with him… And then some!!!

Aspen, our leading lady doesn’t disappoint either. Not only is she beautiful, she is also extremely independent and knows what she wants.

Seriously, how is a girl supposed to give this book 5 stars when it deserves so many more???
I’m now eagerly awaiting the release of Hemy (walk of shame #2) – don’t forget to add it to your TBR.

Hurry up Victoria… Pretty please 🙂